The company

Will & Co’s manifesto is to make Shakespeare more accessible, to let emotion speak through movement and rhythm, and to tell poetic and percussive stories.

Shakespeare For Everyone

Too long, too complicated, too boring, Shakespeare can seem daunting to any potential audience member today. But when Will was writing, his target was his fellow men and women: the ones who would scramble through mud and come to the playhouse behind the bear-beating pit to drink, eat nuts and hear a play. Will & Co is offering new stories around Shakespeare’s life, times and stories, to apprehend this myth of the world’s canon in an easy and direct way. Respecting the academic research and performance history studies, we adapt those to offer poetic, aesthetic and energetic shows with many layers of meaning, but always accessible to those who have never heard of Shakespeare just as well as to those who know it by heart.

Emotion in Movement

Victoria Baumgartner’s favorite work areas are the instincts, the rhythm, the body and its underlying messages, and the unsaid between the lines. Bringing all of this to the actors’ attention through her attentive and extensive work in rehearsals with movement and breath, she offers the audience and performers the  experience of taking part in something unique every show. Her attention to bodies, voice and clearly expressed emotions make for scenes full of tension and power play. For a moment, suspended in time, words become accessories, and the emotions and human rhythm are the main character of an ever-surprising and eternal moment.

Telling the Story

All the stories we tell are asking why we tell stories, where do stories come from, and are trying to answer these fundamental  questions. Our theatre aims to create emotional and intimate bonds with its audience. Working on thrust stages, adapting the places we visit when we need to, we like to offer this arena to our audience, for all the world’s a stage. And, for a brief instant, we all belong to that stage together. Our sets are bare, our accessories are kept to a minimum, while our costumes are beautifully embroidered and distinctively Elizabethan. We build worlds with words, and we’ll take you on a journey as far as your imagination, mingled with ours, will allow it.