Will – On Tour

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany: “Meaning on Stage” 20.11.18
“Baumgartner stages all this in a very lively manner, with music and improvised dancing. It is fresh and sometimes so movingly played that one feels a lump rising in one’s throat.

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany:  “The Tri-Bühne Theatre welcomes guests from all over the theatre world” 16.11.18

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany:  “A Festival with Woman Power!” 06.11.18

Le Nouvelliste, Switzerland: Les bons plans de la rédaction culturelle du Nouvelliste: Will

Will in London

⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Stage
“Baumgartner’s firm belief in the power of poetry and well-placed emotional beats make Will a strangely fascinating work.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ London Theatre 1
“Everything about this show shouts top draw, top quality, top stuff.”
“An engrossing play which over the course of eighty minutes (eight years in eighty minutes) does what Lord Reith declared ought to be the mission of the BBC: to inform, educate and entertain.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Spy in the Stalls
“Sam Veck, as Shakespeare, is a revelation.”
“A top notch cast”
“delighfully clever yet beguiling and moving”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Everything Theatre
“very well written, seamless and captivating”
“Just like any Shakespeare play, it is full of comedy and tragedy, and touches on universal and eternal themes”
“Ronnie Yorke is exceptionally funny (I mean, really laugh out loud funny) as Richard Burbage.”

Judith & Hamnet

Victoria Baumgartner in Vertigo on Swiss national radio RTS – La 1ère pto talk about the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival and Judith & Hamnet!

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany: “Meaning on Stage” 20.11.18  “the grandiose 30-minute long “Judith & Hamnet””

Victoria Baumgartner – Artistic Director & Founder

La Côte Journal, interview of Victoria Baumgartner: “A native of Morges packs Shakespeare in her luggage” (in French), 17.04.2019

Career Conversations Podcast – Victoria Baumgartner: “Don’t settle for anything other than your dreams”, 20.12.18
Discover Victoria Baumgartner’s interview by Stefanie Ginster, PhD at the University of Lausanne, for her podcast project “Career Conversations: Triumphs and Struggles of High Achievers”

“Shakespeare, c’est viscéral” interview of Victoria Baumgartner for Plans cultes, by David Trotta

Victoria Baumgartner in “Cellulose” on Swiss National Radio Couleur 3, interviewed on Shakespeare by Salomé Kiner

RTS 1 – The show « Premier Rendez-vous » / “First Date” by Pauline Vrolix, with Victoria Baumgartner and the artist Maya Rochat

Will in Lausanne

TV La Télé, 23.05.17. Interview of Victoria Baumgartner on Swiss television for “Will”

Radio LFM, 29.05.17. Contemporary Shakespeare in Lausanne: radio chronicle

Written press L’Agenda, revue culturelle de l’Arc lémanique, 02.06.17. Interview of Victoria Baumgartner by Maureen Miles

Written press Magazine 360, 19.05.17. Article by Zelda Chauvet: “To be or not to be gay: Shakespeare”