Workshops – Shakespeare in the Body

Will & Co.’s workshops aim to initiate the participants to an embodied approach of Shakespeare’s plays.

The workshops aims to provide basic tools to explore the possibilities and clues written into Shakespeare’s language. In this body-based approach, we work on the emotions that manifest through the text and into us, our partners and the audience. We go through the specificities of iambic pentameter and will put in practice the rhythm intimately connected to Shakespeare in several scenes. We  also explore how the language of Shakespeare is deeply connected to the breath and the body. Working with free-flow movement techniques, we will uncover how to access and unlock different types of emotions, characters and scenes by using the rhythmic cues provided within the lines. By freeing the mind and concentrating on the body, we invite you to let Shakespeare’s language resonate in a vibrant and surprising way.

The workshops are based on training Victoria Baumgartner acquired in training of Acting Shakespeare at LAMDA, and on her practice with the Authentic Artist Collective in the UK.

We are also available for more formal interventions on Shakespearean staging, performance and discussions.

For more information on workshops, contact us.